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We can be counted for providing prompt and reliable services

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We are very contemporary and never compromise on quality & services which we provide to our business associates. We are a group of dynamic & highly professional people backed by the experience & endeavors of our highly skilled craftsmen.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, products were invented and services rendered in order to meet the long felt need of man but these needs increased so rapidly and manifold to such an extent, that it not possible for a country to produce all that is need therefore fulfilling their demands and filling the colors in life of the people by exchanging cultural and heritage products, Which are very close to the human values, emotions, moral and love to the humanity.

So, we are here and taking the entire onus to provide you the whole gamut of trading. The future with Universal Buying Services in next five years is not only financial and material growth but also global development in thought, ideas, & values..

UBS Special Offers

1. Here all the said services are indeed 24 Hrs 365 Days for our new foreign Buyers for one business

2. Sending the samples of our designed or existing products will be free of cost on the demand of our
    foreign buyer for one business year but the shipping charges will be charged by the buyers end.

3. Development of Buyer's designed products will also be free of cost always.

4. We will accept the mode of payment as Advance, TT, L/C and other terms which will suit after
    meeting or agreement with our foreign associates according to the international rules & laws.

5. We will regularly update you about all the fairs, exhibitions and forth coming events etc. On your visit
   we at Universal Buying cordially invite you from our side and will arrange passes, accommodation &


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