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Dealing with freight companies can be confusing and intimidating. Our aim is to exceed your moving expectations and make you feel more relaxed during this stressful period. We are associated with world’s best shipping lines and our past record are ample to give you exact details of our performance. A professionally managed organization in India,

we offer you freight forwarding services including air freight forwarding, sea freight forwarding, shipping and custom clearance services. The seasoned professionals employed with us will help you in all your requirements

We are small enough to offer you personalized service yet big enough to handle almost any kind of job whether it is local, international or overseas. We believe that communication, proper planning and logistics are crucial aspects of the relocation and shipping industry that are often overseen and neglected by the competition. We track shipments from origin to destination and right up to the delivery of every carton in every container of every shipment. This exclusive door to door service is available to any part of the world, both to and from India.

1. Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Bill of lading/Air way Bill
4. Purchase Order
5. Country of origin certificate
6. Chemical test certificate
7. Insurance Certificate
8. Freight Certificate
9. Technical Write up/Catalogue/Drawing
10. Chartered Engineer’s Certificate in case of import of 2nd hand goods)
11. Any other Specially Required Certificates

• The invoice is the most important document required for customs clearance. It should clearly indicate the
  item supplied. In case of more than one item, the value should be clearly indicated item wise. If the item
  comes in completely knocked down condition, it should be mentioned in the invoice. The value should be a
  single value in this case covering the entire consignment.
• The packing list is another vital document with the help of which the volume of the consignment and contents
  per package can be determined. Therefore the details of packing should be proper it can be determined the
  exact no. Of packages, its volume and weight.
• The Bill of lading/Air way bill is the receipt issued by the carrier. It also gives the details of the consignment. 
   The import clearance document is prepared and submitted to customs on the basis of this document.
• The purchase order is issued by the indenting department and raised on the supplier for sending the
• Country of Origin certificate is another vital document, which is required for customs clearance. It gives the
  details of the place/country of manufacture of the item imported.
• Chemical test certificate is generally required for import of raw materials from which the chemical properties
  of the product can be found for customs classification/ duty rate.
• The Insurance Certificate gives the details of the insurance of the item and also gives the details of the
  premium amount paid. This amount is added to the FOB value of the material. Due to the rapidly changing
  political environment, sometimes the shipping lines are compelled to pass over a portion of the increased risk
  premium to the shippers. To know the latest condition.
• The freight certificate gives the details of the freight amount paid for the imported material. It is generally
  issued by the overseas carrier/agent. In case the Bill of lading is issued on Freight Payable basis, then the
  local Agent collects the freight amount. A Bank certificate is required in this case for remittance purpose.
• The technical write up/catalogue/drawing is required for explaining the function of the item imported. It is also
  required for correct classification in terms of the Customs Tariff.
• In case of import of any 2nd hand item, it is compulsory to produce this certificate for proper valuation of the
  item as per Customs law.



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